Workshop on "Cognitive Dynamics in Neural Systems: Mathematical and Computational Modeling",
Lyon, France, March 29-30

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Venue and accomodation


The workshop will be held at the Villemanzy, a urban residence palace that has been transformed into a hotel and conference center. 

 River view from the Villemanzy

The Villemanzy is located on an hill which forms an island between the two rivers Rhone and Saone, directly adjacent to the old city of Lyon, with a fine and wide view on river and town. Most or all workshop attendants will find lodging in the Villemanzy, ensuring a familial atmosphere for the event.


By the end of March, spring has arrived in Lyon - a beautiful time, but full of weather surprises. Be equipped...

Reservations / Booking

Workshop attendants please book lodging at the Villemanzy individually. The organizers have reserved 60 beds for the duration of the workshop (arrival March 28, departure March 31), in batches of 20 singles and 20 doubles. Rates are 69 or 79 Euros for two categories of singles, and 79 or 95 Euros for doubles. When booking, please mention "Conference INSERM 2012".

A choice of nearby alternative hotels can be found below.


Residence Villemancy, 21, montée Saint Sébastien, 69001 Lyon, Tel. (+33) 472001900, Fax (+33) 472001999, email:














Alternative hotels

If the Villemanzy should get filled, or if they run out of single bedrooms and you want one, here is a choice of nearby hotels: