Workshop on "Cognitive Dynamics in Neural Systems: Mathematical and Computational Modeling",
Lyon, France, March 29-30

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Presentations and Materials

Some presenters agreed to have their presentations posted online, plus additional material. Here is...


Randall D. Beer

Presentation: Some Mathematical Challenges in the Analysis of Brain-Body-Environment Systems. (Retrieve slides in pdf below)

Chris Eliasmith

Presentation: How to Build a Brain. From Single Neurons to a Cognitive Architecture. (Retrieve slides in pdf below) 

Olivier Faugeras

Presenation: Neural fields in Action: Mathematical Results and Models of Visual Perception. (Retrieve slides in pdf below)

Tomas Gedeon

Paper: Tomas Gedeon, David Arathorn, Convergence of map seeking circuits. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 29(2&3),  235-248, 2007

 Paper: S.R. Harker, C.R. Vogel, T. Gedeon, Analysis of Constrained Optimization Variants of the Map-Seeking Circuit Algorithm. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 29(1),  49-62, 2007

Jürgen Jost

Presentation: Information Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Recurrent Neural Processing. (Retrieve slides in pdf below)

Gregor Schöner

Presentation: Dynamic Field Theory as a framework for understanding embodied cognition (Retrieve slides in pdf below)